We Make
Orthodontics Fun

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” ― Phyllis Diller (American comedian)

We Make
Orthodontics Fun

“Peace begins with a smile.” — Mother Teresa (Catholic saint)

We Make
Orthodontics Fun

“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” ― Connie Stevens (American actress)

Louisville Orthodontist: Braces, Retainers and Invisalign | Oliver Orthodontics
Louisville Orthodontist: Braces, Retainers and Invisalign | Oliver Orthodontics

Orthodontic Care Resulting in Outstanding Smiles

Receiving treatment from a Louisville orthodontist should be an easy and positive experience—one that allows for fun in a friendly environment while producing outstanding results.

Oliver Orthodontics provides complete and cutting-edge orthodontic services for people of all ages—including children as young as 7, teenagers, and adults. Our dedicated and pleasant team of professionals has over 100 combined years of dental care experience, and every person you deal with is committed to making every visit to our office seamless. To meet Dr. Hannah Oliver and the team to judge for yourself, schedule an appointment to learn about your affordable treatment options by calling (502) 933-2323.

Treatment paths for every circumstance and budget

While our practice is proud of its implementation of the Clear Aligner Therapy® technology, we also still utilize traditional braces in our Louisville office—in a variety of colors and styles—for those patients who would most benefit from this time-tested and effective treatment alternative. When we meet, our team will discuss your options and help you make an informed decision about which path is best for your individual needs.

Louisville Family Orthodontics: Teeth Straightening, Braces | Oliver

For patients of all ages

Clear Aligner Therapy – Achieves treatment goals without imposing food restrictions or causing periods of discomfort, all while affording better oral hygiene and more time between in-office visits since virtual appointments are possible and because there is no need to attend an emergency appointment to deal with broken brackets, wires that have gone astray, etc. Traditional Braces – Offer the freedom of not having to insert and remove the orthodontia throughout the day as well as the peace of mind that comes with braces staying put as long as you do not eat a restricted food item.

Louisville Teeth Straightening: Retainers & Clear Braces | Oliver

Early-phase treatment

Clear Aligner Therapy – Available for early phase treatment of 7-10-year-olds who need interceptive orthodontic work before all their permanent teeth have erupted. This strategy is said to be more comfortable than braces. And whereas patients had to wear full braces with expanders on the top and bottom in the past, now we can accomplish the same results with Clear Aligner Therapy aligners, all without dealing with broken brackets, discomfort, or parents having to turn a key periodically. Traditional Braces – A time-tested and fixed-in-place orthodontic strategy, available in a variety of colors and styles, that has no associated worry of primary equipment loss.

Louisville Teeth Straightening: Retainers & Clear Braces | Oliver

Ask us about same-day starts

Because we know your time is valuable, we are happy to get your Louisville orthodontic treatment started immediately following your FREE initial consultation appointment. A referral is not required! Free consultation

  • Louisville Teeth Straightening: Retainers & Clear Braces | Oliver
  • Louisville Orthodontist Consultation: Invisalign Provider | Oliver
  • Louisville Teeth Straightening: Retainers & Clear Braces | Oliver
  • Louisville Orthodontist Consultation: Invisalign Provider | Oliver
  • Louisville Orthodontist Consultation: Invisalign Provider | Oliver
  • Louisville Orthodontist Consultation: Invisalign Provider | Oliver
  • BG
    These are some great ladies! Always helpful and they made you feel like family. Not only did I walk away with a new smile but I also walked away with friendships made. I'll miss my visits just because of the talks and laughs. Brittani Gamble
  • PG
    The most rewarding part of my treatment has been the relationships made with our family and staff. Wonderful, accommodating appointment times. Peggy Gray
  • SH
    Loved the results! Dr. Oliver & staff are wonderful! I would highly recommend this office! Sarah Hoover
  • AP
    You all have been great! We look forward to working with you with our other children. Andrea Peake

Why Choose Us

Free Initial Consultation

We offer a complimentary initial consultation that includes a thorough examination and treatment plan discussion to help you make an informed decision about your orthodontic care. Whether you’re considering braces or Clear Aligner Therapy, we want to be your orthodontist! Schedule your free consultation and get to know our family.

Spark information

Clear teeth aligners from Spark are made with innovative TruGEN™ material. This material makes the clear aligners more comfortable, clearer, and less likely to stain. With a targeted design, Spark Clear Aligners may result in more efficient and effective tooth movement when compared to the leading brand.


Clear Aligner Therapy and conventional braces can be used for the treatment of patients of all ages, depending on individual patients’ goals and needs. And we’re flexible when it comes to payment options too.


As someone who not only grew up and attended school in the area, but now has also established her practice, is raising her family, and is involved in local community matters, Dr. Oliver is committed to supporting local initiatives.

Personal Service and Modern Technology

Our practice has a fun and welcoming atmosphere. We emphasize personal care, ensuring patients see the orthodontist or a skilled team member at every visit. We use modern technologies like shape-memory NiTi wires, providing a more comfortable and efficient treatment experience.


Our team of compassionate and experienced professionals has nearly 100 years of combined experience in the orthodontic field.

Virtual appointments—for faster and more convenient adjustments

With our Dental Monitoring app, we can make your Louisville orthodontic Clear Aligner Therapy-based treatment more convenient than ever! We’ll track your progress in real time through a mobile app, helping us make faster tweaks to your treatment regimen and allowing you to make your follow-up appointments in the palm of your hand.